Easy Trick to Hide Files in Android devices

November 28, 20120 Comments

Mobile phone is one such device that is always in your hands and on an average, 75% people check their mobile phones at least 50 times a day. Except for just calls, people often use their mobile phones for taking pictures, texting friends and for various other purposes.


Talking about pictures, people often want to hide their gallery from their friends and family, they like to keep it to themselves. If you are using an Android device then you probably know that there are a number of applications available to lock your folders and personal stuff and they are mostly paid apps, but in case you are looking for a solution to hide your files and folders for free then, here is how to do it step by step –

Steps to Hide Files in Android devices easily -

  1. Go to the android marketplace and download Solid Explorer (or just any other File Explorer) on your android phone or tablet.
  2. Once you are done installing the file explorer application, look for the file or folder that you want to hide, browse to that folder and locate it.
  3. The next step is to rename the folder by adding a “.” (dot) before the actual name of the folder. For example if you want to hide a folder named “New Folder”, rename it to “.New Folder” (without quotes).

Boom! You are done hiding the folder. It won’t be recognized by android devices anymore. You can access the files in that folder any time by using a file explorer and opening the folder in that application. You can also rename it back and remove the dot any time you want to show that folder up again.

So if you ever want to hide a folder again, you don’t have to pay for those useless folder lock applications. You can do it yourself in just a couple of minutes with the help of any file explorer application. Good luck hiding your personal data from others.

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