Root Nexus 4 with CF-Auto-Root – Guide

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The famous developer, Chainfire, has given a popular CF-Root method to root the Samsung devices. It is known by the name of CF-Auto-Root as it involves rooting the device without much hassle. There is good news for all the cool Nexus 4 Users that it is now available for Nexus 4, too. With the help of it, user can root Nexus 4 with almost no input & no fuss. This amazing rooting method has taken over the people swiftly.


Root Nexus 4 using CF-Root

Below are the steps that will guide you to root Nexus 4 using CF-Auto-Root. Backup all the data as it will wipe all of it. Be prepared for unlocking the boot loader before following these steps. However, if you have unlocked your boot loader before, none of your data will be wiped off. Rest is very simple & has no risk in it. Read further to know how to rot Nexus 4 in just few steps.

Disclaimer: You are hereby, warned that the process discussed below consists of lots of risk and you should avoid attempting it unless you know completely about it. If any damage occurs to your device as a result of not following the instructions given, we can’t be held responsible for that. Still if you face any issues in the process, we will try our best to help you with that.


The below given guide is only for Asus/Google Nexus 4 and is not applicable for other devices. 

How to Root Nexus 4 with CF-Auto-Root-

  1. The steps given below will root your Nexus 4 but along with it, it will also unlock bootloader which will ultimately wipe away all the apps, settings and data but it doesn’t have anything to do with your SD card, so there is nothing to worry about.You should get back-up for all the applications and essential data because they can be lost during this procedure.  Note: If your phone’s bootloader is already unlocked, none of the data will be wiped from your phone and you can skip backing up data.
  2. Get the Android SDK → from here. Android SDK is required for the necessary drivers of the phone. Do not get confused if you see the Nexus on your PC, the Android SDK drivers are separate and essential to carry out the rooting process.
  3. Download the CF-Root package → from here.
  4. Extract the files to your computer.
  5.  Boot your Nexus 4 into fast boot mode. (Turn off your phone and then Hold the Volume down and Power buttons togetherand as soon as you see Start in green letters on your phone screen, release those buttons).
  6. Connect your phone to the computer using data cable & wait for drivers to be installed on the OS.  (Note: – Use back ports on the PC as the front ones maybe loose or may cause other problems).Go to the extracted folder you’d extracted in Step → 3 & open the ‘root-windows’ file to start the root program.
  7. Make sure you have backed up your data as we’d already warned you about it in Step 1, before moving to next step.
  8. Next, press any key to start the rooting process.
  9. At any one point, the phone will reboot showing a red Android logo. Once the rooting is complete, Nexus will boot up normally.  Note: If you didn’t had unlocked bootloader of your Nexus 4 before starting the rooting process, then keep in mind that all your data is erased till this point of time.
  10. After rooting, make sure that you have the access grating app named SuperSu installed on Nexus 4. If no such application is installed on your Nexus 4, do not panic. Just go to Play Store & install SuperSU from the Play Store yourself.

That’s it. Yes, you have finished rooting. Thanks to CF-Auto-Root which enabled the rooting to be very simple. Now, you can enjoy all those apps that require root access. If you face any problems while you root Nexus 4, do share your problems via comments, we’ll help you to the soonest.

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